Continuous Inkjet Printers - 9000 Series

The Markem-Imaje best in class continuous inkjet systems are the most reliable full-featured small character inkjet printers on the market today.

The 9000 Series are fully featured printers designed for demanding manufacturing environments, general purpose as well as very specific applications like high contrast and high performance marking. State of the art design requires minimal attention and provides high quality coding including range of texts, logos, 1D and 2D barcodes to achieve your traceability and sustainability goals.

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Entry Level, Premium and Specialists Coders

9000 Series Benefits
  • Unique automatic head cleaning system to ensure trouble-free start up
  • Up to 8-line printing
  • High speed multi-line printing up to 5.5 m/s
  • Jet Speed Control technology to guarantee print quality
  • Easy change of the consumables without stopping marking operations
  • Compact design and stand mounting option for easy integration into the production line
  • Wide choice of options making integration into most production lines efficient: mono- or twin-jet
  • 3 printing resolutions (71, 115, 178 dpi)
  • Full interface connectivity
  • Up to IP67protection


Designed to print on all types of substrates from standard to specific applications (food grade, sterilization, UV cure, egg coding, etc.); alcohol-based, water-based, ketone-free and MEK-free inks available; wide variety of colours.


Plastics, glass, metal, cardboard and directly onto food.


Food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, toiletries, electrical equipment, electronics, cables, tubes and profiles.

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Specialised Solutions
  • The 9028 is ready to print within minutes, with the unique “click and go” M6 Ink Circuit. It’s robust IP55 stainless steel design means it can be easily stored for weeks and moved and installed anywhere, making it the most flexible Inkjet available.
  • The 9450 supports your marketing activity while achieving your traceability and sustainability goals. Promotional Coding can be carried out by USB thumb-drive, and a wide range of texts, logos and barcodes are available to print in a variety of colours and contrasts, meaning you can meet both branding and corporate requirements.


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9450 Series


9450E Series

9040 Contrast

9450S Series

Markem-Imaje 9450 Inkjet