SmartLase® Laser Coders

Markem-Imaje laser coders are some of the fastest and most powerful laser coders available on the market today. The patented and proven dot matrix laser coder technology of the SmartLase® enables outstanding print speed in its category for a wide variety of applications.

The SmartLase® Laser Coder Series are well suited for high-speed printing in large coding areas and tough production environments, especially those requiring multi-lane coding.

SmartLase® laser coder series benefits
  • No factory air or water required – output rates up to 1,000 products/minute without requiring external cooling
  • Innovative modular design consisting of 3 separate components: controller, laser head and user interface
  • Most compact, robust laser head with 0° and 90° laser beam orientation and ultra flexible interconnecting cable (6 or 9 metres)
  • Extended coder lifetime by 30% with modular cooling concept for optimal laser performance, increased laser source reliability and reduced operating costs (no air)
  • Wide choice of lenses and pointing diode assistance for efficient line integration and multi-product coding capability
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface to reduce operator training and human errors


Dust filters for fume extractors


Plastics, glass, painted metal, cardboard and photochromic material


Food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals



SmartLase C150+C350 Series

Laser coder

SmartLase Fibre Coder C340

SmartLase Fibre Coder C600

SmartLase Fibre Coder F200

SmartLase Fibre Coder F250

SmartLase Fibre Coder F500