CoLOS® Data Management*

At early production preparation stage, CoLOS® Data Management enables you to link fields on message designs to those in ERP master product tables and individual designs to many stock keeping units (SKUs) while automatically populate messages with SKU data.

Less repetition and rework
  • Connect with master product data tables
    Link fields on message designs to those in ERP master product tables.
  • Re-use message designs
    Connect single message designs to many product SKUs to streamline the updating of designs – one change is reused over all attached SKUs.
  • Eliminate data duplication
    No need to copy data to local databases that can become out of date and difficult to manage.
Drag and drop data sources to message fields
Streamlined data management
  • Less risk for operator errors
    Using live master data removes the possibility of operators entering the wrong data or making typing errors.
  • Automatic data delivery
    Populate image designs automatically using live central master data for stock keeping units (SKU’s).
  • Inbuilt data management
    CoLOS comes with an in-built data management system with simple data entry to internal production tables for situations where connection to external data sources is not required. It also enables to create product table from scratch when there is no access to a central product database.

*To be used with CoLOS® Message Design Application

Connect to live master product data