CoLOS® Message Design

At early production preparation stage, CoLOS® Message Design supports you in designing complex message for all printer technologies in one user friendly interface using the full range of data field types.

Easy message design
  • Easy message design interface
    Design messages using one user interface for every field type supported by each printer: text, date, barcode, logo and lines. Design wizards and on-screen error checking ensure perfect designs every time even for the most complex messages.
  • Everything in one place
    Access all message designs from one central repository to ensure brand and layout consistency. The same repository can then be accessed by all other CoLOS applications.
  • Create compliant barcodes
    Use the GS1-128 AI wizard to create barcodes that are fully compliant with global standards for encoding critical product information.
Colos Message Design
Efficient preparation
  • Correct messages every time
    The simple image design features ensure that the correct information is sent each time.
  • Quick deployment
    Once you have created your messages, the download wizard helps you send them to printer memory to be recalled later at production startup.
  • Time and cost savings
    Free-up operators to perform more value-added activities and reduce costs of manual entry and message data maintenance by 90%.