CoLOS® Packaging Integrity

To ensure proper product distribution and compliance, CoLOS® Packaging Integrity helps you check that pre-printed packaging materials are correct for every individual product being manufactured.

Correct packaging
  • Product verification
    Automatic verification using the most appropriate identification devices ensure that the packaging material matches the product selected to run on the line.
  • 100% inspection
    Each and every packaged product is checked during the production run and any individual faulty packs can be rejected or the line stopped if all packaging is wrong.
  • Data integrity
    Links to company host information systems to ensure that the same formally approved data is used for both product coding and packaging verification.
Check for correct packaging material
Efficient brand protection
  • Reduced scrap and rework
    Stopping the production line as soon as incorrect packaging is detected will ensure that incorrect product will not build up, possibly only detected at the next manual inspection.
  • Efficient production
    No impact on production rates and no need for frequent manual inspection routines to detect small numbers of wrongly loaded packaging.
  • Compliant products
    Ensures that the packaging matches the production order eliminating allergen recalls for pre-printed ingredients not matching the product being packed.
Automates packaging inspection