CoLOS® Production Control

At production start-up, CoLOS® Production Control enables you to download complete production line jobs in one step from an easy-to-use operator interface or automatically from line control automation equipment.

Faster and easier start-ups
  • Automated printer set-up
    Setup all the printers on a production line with the correct message and label using back-office systems in one single operation.
  • Centralized data management
    Access all message designs anytime from one central repository and ensure brand and layout consistency.
  • Extended connectivity for enhanced ease of use
    Connect to printers over Ethernet throughout the production facility and use terminals running CoLOS Operator Interface wherever needed.
Fully integrated solutions
  • Less time needed on changeovers for an entire product line
    Select one correct job each time avoiding costly changeovers, resulting in fewer mistakes.
  • Industry standard interfaces
    Connect to upstream and downstream equipment to have fully automated production change-overs and equipment. Host systems can trigger in new production a number of ways including networked files, Ethernet messages and OPC interfaces.
  • Easy to use operator terminals
    CoLOS Production User Interface can be run on touch-screen industrial terminals throughout the factory. Hand-held scanners can be connected to remove the problem of operators mistyping data.