CoLOS® Promotional Coding

To ensure proper product distribution and compliance, CoLOS® Promotional Coding applies unique marketing codes to each and every product at full line speeds, enabling more flexibility to achieve both always-on and “on demand” promotions.

Flexible Promotional Coding
  • Simple to implement
    The system distributes pre-prepared unique codes from central storage to individual coders. The codes are printed at real-time production rates without the need for expensive local control equipment.
  • Always available
    Promotion coding can be switched on by production order or individual product code for on-demand promotions or be permanently enabled as needed by the overall promotion.
  • Easier integration
    The system not only provides integration for the codes to be printed, it produces reports of what codes have been printed that can be exported for use in the end-consumer code redemption system of choice for the promotion.
continuous inkjet coder
Efficient Brand Enhancement
  • Efficient production
    Using the same coder for date and promotion coding with data-driven control enables greater flexibility and better adaptability to enhance promotional marketing campaigns.
  • Simplified code management
    Distributing and printing codes at production time rather than at the packaging manufacturer means simplified management of codes to be printed. Last-minute changes of production are easy to achieve.
  • Enhanced consumer dialogue
    Unique product fingerprints enable the creation of an open dialogue with consumers through mobile marketing activations. Particularly for pointsredemption loyalty schemes.