The right consumable. The right outcome.

Ensure business continuity, control costs and maximize sustainability with Essentials®

For decades, Markem-Imaje has developed over 500 consumable solutions to answer your evolving needs and expectations.

Genuine Markem-Imaje consumables also protect uptime by minimizing maintenance and changeovers compared with third-party supplies.

Our Coding Essentials programs will not only secure your printer investment, your product and your brand, but also enhance overall productivity and optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our programs are the best choice to ensure you stay at the forefront of coding innovations and ensure your brands stay ahead of the pack.

White Paper on Ink Safety and Sustainability

Why Essentials Program?
  • Business continuity: Seamless plant management and uptime via better performing supplies, worldwide.
  • Cost control: Predictable and optimized TCO through a consultative approach adapted to your business and financial models.
  • Continuous innovation:  Exploring new opportunities in line with your evolving needs.
  • Sustainability: Compliant supplies formulated with operator safety and environmental impact in mind.
Consumables - Benefits
  • Knowledgeable research and development team ensures perfectly matched consumables for our products
  • The right combination of CIJ fluid ink chemistry, matched with your substrate and application delivers the highest quality coding
  • Our thermal transfer ribbon has been designed to deliver full performance in all critical categories of print quality, print speed, minimum gap between prints, darkness, energy use and durability
  • Hot Melt Touch Dry® ink that prints high quality text, graphics and 100% readable GS1 barcodes
Markem-Imaje Food Grade Inks
Food grade ink
  • Range of food grade CIJ inks to comply with EU regulations
  • Edible ink for direct contact on food product or packaging touching food
  • The Markem-Imaje 5400 FG is specially engineered to produce high resolution, high quality images at high speed using patented, edible wax-based Markem-Imaje Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks. These inks are formulated to dry instantly, ensuring no bleed-through when applied to food surfaces, or ink transfer when applied to packaging that touches food.

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Beware Imitations!

Maximise your print head life by using genuine Markem-Imaje consumables – for example, independent tests have shown the startling damage to print heads when using non Markem-Imaje thermal transfer ribbons.