Small Character Touch Dry® Hot Melt Inkjet Coder

Real innovation is central to our TouchDry® Hot Melt inkjet coder offering. The Markem-Imaje TouchDry® inkjet coder technology delivers instantly dry prints on high speed flexible film and cartoning lines. The 6000 series of inkjet coder give clean, clear prints without solvents over a wide range of package substrates and storage environments.

Real time date and lot inket coder identification and tracking of fast moving consumer goods in the food, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

inkjet coder
Small Character Touch Dry® Inkjet Coder Benefits
  • Instant dry Touch Dry® Technology
  • Solid ink block requires no additives or cleaning fluids, offering a no mess operation, dramatically reducing the need for operator intervention
  • High resolution prints up to 208 metres/minute
  • Ability to replace consumables and update images without interrupting production
  • Easy start-up and shut-down, ready to print within minutes without any special attention
  • Hot melt inks provide consistent, high quality images over a wide variety of package substrates and storage environments
  • Local graphic display and ergonomically designed keypad is simple to use reducing operator error
  • Available in optional stainless steel for harsh production environments
  • Side jet and down jet printing orientation available for seamless integration into your production line
  • Ability to control image design and machine set-up parameters right at the machine


A wide range of innovative, solvent-free Touch Dry hot melt inks that dry instantly.


High speed flexible films and inked paper cartons, corrugate, polyethylene and polypropene


Confectionery, dairy products, medical, personal care and pharmaceuticals.


6096 Series

inkjet coder