First Class Service & Support

M Pack’s dedicated team of technical experts are here to provide a comprehensive service offer that will accompany you through the years and extend the longevity of your equipment. We will work with you to ensure the productivity of your lines, help control your costs and protect your investment.

Our service offer is more than just a promise; it is a commitment to you and your activity offering:

  • High experienced team of Engineers
  • Real time remote technical support
  • Dedicated customer service desk
  • Site Management Contracts
What our customers are say


Developing a cost-effective plan to secure your investment, deliver maximum availability, and optimal total cost of ownership of your coding operations for many years to come.

Supporting self-reliance

Delivering all the day-to-day support you need for rapid resolution of problems, so your lines are up and running again without lengthy delays.


Providing a secure option whenever and wherever it’s needed, as to respond to your urgent demand.

Why Service is Key

When purchasing a new generation piece of equipment, we commit to 99.6% or higher uptime. Extending the warranty to 60 months allows you to contribute to prevention, rather than repair and brings you the following benefits:

  • Minimizes and controls your operational budget
  • Optimizes your equipment performance up to 99.6% thus securing your investment
  • Controls your costs
  • Slows down the natural wearing of your equipment through expert advice
  • Frees you time to focus on your business by outsourcing maintenance procedures and operations
  • Gives you access to priority service thus facilitating and accelerating intervention time

As your equipment ages, the risk of production stoppages and downtime increases. By partnering with M Pack, your equipment will function properly and you will extend its life time. Downtime risks are thus considerably diminished guaranteeing printer availability, code quality, securing your investment and expenses while choosing the level of protection you need and want.

Best in Class Training

Installation and training – getting it right from day one

We offer high quality training both at time of installation and as ‘top-up’ training as a refresher or to train new members of staff and ensure the receive the proper certification. The proper level of training is proven to ensure you maximise your investment.

  • Pre-sale analysis to optimise printing installation and activities
  • Trouble-free installation on existing or newly-commissioned lines
  • Helps achieve consistently high print quality, satisfying retailers and industry requirements
  • Structured training for your operatives and maintenance team, delivering user confidence and effective first line support