Thermal Inkjet Case Coders - 1000 Series

The Markem-Imaje Thermal Inkjet case coder range offers fast and easy printing on Product and Case packaging, ideal for dusty, humid and corrosive environments.

Designed for rapid, efficient coding of secondary packages, the Markem-Imaje 1000 Thermal Inkjet case coding range produces high-resolution text, logos and high-density graphics on fast-moving production lines in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Thermal Inkjet
1000 Series Benefits
  • Flexible printhead options: Print from 50.8mm up to 203mm
  • Reduced operations costs and downtime: Bulk ink delivery modules available in 680 ml, 1360 ml or industry leading 2,720 ml – M-I standard inks only
  • High Resolution Printing: Precise print image control with 1-600 dpi, allowing you the most readable text, barcodes and logos to meet all retail and GSI compliance requirements
  • Quick Set-up: Compact and portable design to allow you quick and easy set-up on your production line
  • Clean Operation: No-spill, no-mess set-up with clean and controlled ink flows with patented air regulation system and snap in and out ink pens


Clean snap-in and -out cartridges or optional bulk ink delivery module to maximize uptime.


Porous and semi-porous corrugate boxes, trays and kraft bags as well as OPP/PP flexible films.


Food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Specialised Solutions
  • Suitable Industries:
    Food (Snack foods, Confectionery), Pharmaceutical and Medical.
  • Suitable Substrates:
    Cellulose film, polypropylene, coated cardboard and cartons, polyethylene, HDPE, PVC and metallised films and foils.

1050 Series

thermal inkjet

1200 Series

thermal inkjet