CoLOS® Enterprise

CoLOS® Enterprise allows you to network and operate multiple printers through the factory and provides a powerful data management system.

  • Centrally manage a unique base of messages and labels on a secured server.
  • Connect to your enterprise database or directly import data from the ERP system.
  • Secure the selection of data to print by reducing human input, automating tasks and coordinating the start of multiple printers for a production batch.
CoLOS® Enterprise Benefits
  • Message design – Complex message and label creation from a user-friendly interface on your office PC outside the production floor
  • Central data management – Central management of a unique base of messages and labels. Link to your enterprise database allowing the retrieval of all product variable data
  • Secured production batch start up – Secured selection of data to print by using a simplified user interface, reducing human input and automating the tasks
  • Printer coordination by group when starting production batches
  • Seamless integration – Easy connection to your existing database via standard Open DataBase
  • Connectivity (ODBC) interface. Optional Open Protocol Connectivity (OPC) support to help you integrate your production control systems
CoLOS® Insite

Unique to the industry, CoLOS® Insite offers the ability to plug-in configured functions, a secure Trace Database built on MS-SQL server and a configurable operator panel to tailor the system to your site’s needs.

  • Be more flexible as to import data fromyour ERP in various formats.
  • Fully integrate into product handling devices, weight scales and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for automated error handling.
  • Generate a report of critical production information.
CoLOS® Insite Benefits
  • Scalability – Ability to enhance your solution by adding new printers and packaging lines as well as new application functionalities. Initial investment is secured even when the business requirements change.
  • Cost reduction – Improvement of total cos tof ownership by minimizing human error,eliminating risk, ensuring code accuracy and preventing costly reworks or recalls
  • Data management – Central management of messages, labels and data on a secured server.Link to enterprise database or ERP to retrieve product information.
  • Operation optimization – Lessens change overtime, automates printing tasks and optimizes production data flows from system to printers
  • Compliance with industry standards – Creation of codes that comply with worldwide supply chain standards (GS1)
  • Seamless integration – Easy connection to your production control systems: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS).

CoLOS® Insite

CoLOS® Enterprise