Food Industry


Dairy products, dry beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and poultry products, dehydrated foods, biscuits and cakes, chocolate and sugar confectionery, etc.


Best before dates, batch numbers, ingredients, logos, barcodes and 2D codes

Market Needs

High quality marking, robustness for demanding environments, compliance with legal requirements, reduction of packaging inventory and printing of promotional codes

Specific Applications:
  • Printing of large messages such as full nutritional labelling, ingredient or multi-pack applications
  • Capability of printing all regulatory requirements eg. Allergenic Ingredients
  • Thermo-chromic marking
  • Printing directly on food
  • Printing of high definition characters in a very wide coding area
  • Coding and scoring simultaneously

East Coast Bakehouse Case Study

Extrusion & Non Food Manufacturing

Electrical and electronics components, plastics and extruded products……….


Soft drinks, fruit juice and fruit drinks, wine and spirits, mineral water, liquid milk……..


Healthcare, medicine, medical devices, cosmetics, toiletries, Best before dates…….