Extrusion & Non Food Manufacturing Industry


Extruded products including plastic, pipe, cable, tube and profile industries.

Electrical and electronics components,including light bulbs, radio, television and other brown goods, white goods, CD and DVD disks, smart cards, printed products and postal applications.


5 lines of text including sharp logos and variety of characters including chimney and DIN modles


Plastic coating, ceramics, alloy coated or painted metal, rigid plastic, tin plated, printed circuit board laminate material, chips, paper and card.

Market Needs

High quality marking to ensure contrast, adhesion and resistence in the most challenging environmental conditions to meet regulatory requirements.

Specific Applications:
  • Alcohol-resistant marking.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Indelible printing.
  • Contrast coding – range of ink colours
  • Non migrating inks – high resistence to heat, UV light, automobile fluids, underwater conditions, vulcanisation.


Soft drinks, fruit juice and fruit drinks, wine and spirits, mineral water, liquid milk……..


Healthcare, medicine, medical devices, cosmetics, toiletries, Best before dates…….


Dairy products, dry beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat…….