Pharmaceutical Industry


Healthcare, medicine, medical devices, cosmetics, toiletries


Best before dates, batch numbers, logos, barcodes and 2D codes.


Flexible packaging, rigid plastic, paper-based container and glass.

Market Needs

Compliancy with legal requirements, brand protection, high quality marking and product decoration.

laser coding
Specific Applications:
  • Water- and alcohol-resistant marking
  • Adhesion onto PE packaging without any pre-treatment
  • Non migrating and light fast marking
  • Marking directly onto tablets
  • Indelible printing
  • Serialization at high speed
thermal inkjet coding

Extrusion & Non Food Manufacturing

Electrical and electronics components, plastics and extruded products……….


Soft drinks, fruit juice and fruit drinks, wine and spirits, mineral water, liquid milk……..


Dairy products, dry beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat…….