CoLOS® Pallet Track

Markem-Imaje CoLOS® Traceability software for packaging lines can help to minimize diversion and counterfeiting or product recall and non-compliance fines.  We offer the complete package of software, product ID technologies, and a proven methodology you can trust for your Product ID requirements.

pallet print and apply labelling
CoLOS® Pallet Track
  • Manages multiple orders at the start of a production run to ensure the proper materials are used
  • Verifies the packaging material and the readability of the code with vision or scanning systems
  • Exception handling: if a bad code or wrong material is detected, the package is rejected and/or the line can be stopped
  • Reduces regulatory and customer fines due to non-compliance or unreadable codes; stops issues at the line to reduce costly rework
  • Ensures unique codes on all levels of the product to trace which codes are packaged together
  • A unique signature is used throughout the supply chain to ensure product is distributed to authorized channels and customers
  • Communicates relative product information to other systems in the supply chain to protect your brand and improve profitability
  • Stores relevant information to track the product both one step up and one step down the supply chain
CoLOS® Unique Promotional Branding

CoLOS® Unique Promotional Coding software can deliver a proven scalable, efficient unique promotional coding solution that will fit any type of application whatever the constraints and requirements.

Choose from three levels of integration to select what works best for your production line – Simple, Standard or Advanced.

CoLOS® Unique Promotional Coding Benefits
  • Simple – no additional software or PC needed, download copied files from USB stick onto your printer
  • Standard – With CoLOS Unique Promotional Coding, import files, batch and buffer codes and generate a list of printed codes
  • Advanced – Along with the above, you get more file management flexibility, the ability interface with a camera and more detailed reporting for better code management

CoLOS® Pallet Track

CoLOS® Unique Product Coding