Tips for better flexible film coding

Flexible film is today’s fastest growing category of packaging. However, market-demands for increased traceability in a digital era are placing extra pressure on manufacturers to produce better, more detailed codes on this material. Check out Markem-Imaje  “Tips for better flexible film coding” to minimize bad prints, avoid unnecessary maintenance cost and increase uptime.

How to shutdown Inkjet Printers Correctly

If you need to temporarily close any production line, please click here for simple step-by-step instructions on how to properly shut down any  Markem-Imaje Inkjet Printers on the line   Please note the max shutdown period is 15 days.  We therefore strongly recommend, if possible, to start the printers each week for a few hours…

A Premium Coding Solution for Foam Packaging

Check out how manufacturer of polystyrene boxes Foam Extra in Scotland used Markem-Imaje 5800 Touch Dry® hot melt inks technology  to meet the demands of brands supplying premium fresh food products By selecting Markem-Imaje Touch Dry® hot melt ink technology , Foam Extra can meet the demands of brands supplying premium fresh food products.  These…

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Protect your printheads!

Check out our Printhead Maintenance Guide here Maintain the quality of your print by following some simple tips to looking after your printheads! By using genuine Markem Imaje consumables and cleaning your printheads correctly will ensure longer life for your printheads and ensure the quality and consistency of your codes